Friday, January 6, 2012

A Forever Friend

Well ... I'm back? Haha. Sorry for dropping off the face of the blogging world for a while. I've been busy, but more so lazy when it comes to blogging. So I'm sorry for those who have wondered what happened to me and my life and my blogging and my rhinoceros which I do not own. Anyways, here's a story that I hope causes you to think twice about your life and how you're living it.
Imagine you have a train coming towards you. Normally, that's no big deal, right? Right. Trains come rushing toward you at high speeds all the time. The catch is, you're tied up in ropes on the train track so there's nothing you can do about it. As the train lights shine blindingly into your eyes, it's as if they see right through you and all you've done, and flashes of your life pass you by like an old movie film. In moments, you'll be dead, but you feel like time has suddenly stopped so you can watch your life. Suddenly, the most awful things you've ever said that you'd purposely blocked from your memory come swarming back to haunt you. The happiest moments that you never thought you could relive again seem almost reachable. But your wrong trumps the good, and all the hurtful words, ignorant actions, and evil thoughts stab you with a pain that makes you wish you'd literally been stabbed instead. You wish you'd been more thankful, giving, gracious, loving ... So you squeeze your eyes as tight as you can hoping everything will just go away. And then, you hear the train blare it's horn, and boom. Death was quicker than you thought. Only, nothing feels like it's changed. In fact, the impossible happened: You were saved. A man risks his life and swoops you up out of nowhere. The train zooms by and you can feel the blast of air coming beside the train. You barely made it. You're afraid to open your eyes. Was this real? The fear grips you that you might be in heaven -- or worse, hell -- but you hope it's heaven. Then you hear a deep, reassuring voice, "Are you alright?" and you'd never heard words sweeter than honey come from someone's mouth. In your shock and gratefulness and fear, you mumble words that you don't even understand yourself. So he squeezes your hand lightly, scoops your hurting body up, and carries you to the nearest hospital to fix you up. All the while, holding you tight, never letting go, never slipping, never stumbling, despite the pouring down rain. And then, as you recover, you always have a new, fresh bed of flowers by your bed by this mysterious, life changing and life saving man.

Sounds lovely, doesn't it? The women scream "Ahh, my hero," and the men groan wondering why they paid $10 for a movie like every other chick flick. The women have unrealistic expectations and the guy has to meet these impossible expectations. Nobody wins. But you know what? He exists. Jesus is His name and people call him Emmanuel. He's the one guy who walked this planet who DID do exactly what everyone wants: A Savior. If someone saved our life, like in the story above, you could never thank him enough. You'd do anything you could to help him out to return the greatest favor of saving your life. Well, if Jesus is that guy, why don't we give him credit where it's due? Or better yet, how can we go a single day without recognizing, "Wow, I'm alive because of Christ." How do we go a week without remembering He saved my life! And your life. He does this heroic act by saving our lives again and again by dying on the cross for us. And ever sin is like a nail pierced to His heart. Troops die for us everyday, and we give them our reverence. Shouldn't we do the same for Christ? We persecute Jesus in our actions, our words, and even our very thoughts every hour because we're sinners. Yet, He never leaves. He is a forever, faithful friend.

Find Him more important than the things you find important. And most importantly, how can we just stand and watch loved ones get hit by a train? Food for thought ... (I'm guilty of it too.)

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