Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Time to Thrive, Ladies & Gents

So, obviously I'm not writing everyday. I'm just enjoying some self time at Barnes and Noble and realized for the millionth time that life is so precious.

I'm not sure why, but numerous times throughout my day I've been realizing that the smallest things are meant to be enjoyed and cherished so that it may flourish in our lives. I'm only 20, but as each day passes, I'm finding myself realize just how short and wonderful life truly is, and what a gift it is to be alive! Like the lyrics to "Every Good Thing" by The Afters, the chorus says this:

"You're the reason for every good thing, every heartbeat,
Every day we get to breathe.
You're the reason for anything that lasts, every second chance,
Every laugh. Life is so sweet. You're the reason for every good thing, every good thing ...

It's our family, it's our friends, it's the feeling that I get when I see my children smile.
You're the reason for this life, everything we love, it's YOU alive in us.
You're alive in us ...

You are here in every moment!"

I recently read this article, called, "Thriving In Your Twenties" by a magazine called Darling. Darling is a magazine devoted to edify, inspire, respect yourself and others, and live life fully. It isn't too well known yet and has a lot of character. Anyways, the article can be found here:

I've found in our society, we keep delaying everything. We delay schooling, marriage, jobs ... You name it, and we are found meandering around, directionless, and unfocused. In fact, we're kind of like chickens running around with their heads off, except in slow motion. Basically, chickens are winning. Twenties are such an exciting time. The article goes on to say we need to stop wasting our time. For example, I'm going to burst a major bubble for many of you: There is NO SUCH THING as "the one." Honestly, if there was such a thing, it would be Zack for me because we are two peas and a pod. However, nobody except Jesus is perfect, so how would someone be "perfect" for you? In the garden, the equation isn't 1/2 a person (Adam) + 1/2 a person (Eve) = completion. God's math is 1 person (Adam) + 1 person (Eve) = 1 person. God has His hand over everything and loves being by your side. So basically be the #1 version of yourself and work on being a Godly person and you have the freedom to choose any other Godly guy/gal out there. Twenties are also a lot of HARD work, the article states. You can't except your dream job right away like the tv shows, you have to work your way up there! There are a lot of decisions to be made, but I honestly believe we put it off because we don't want to answer them. Or if we do want those questions answered, we find ourselves unable to find the answer, so we give up. Then we are back to wandering in slow motion like we're stuck in some time continuum without a map ... God did NOT leave us stranded. He gives us a brain and He gives us a map (the Bible). So, why are we so lost?

I read a book recently called, "Just Do Something" by Kevin DeYoung. GREAT read. Not everyone will agree with Kevin, but I found myself nodding yes the entire book. In short, Kevin tells his readers to just DO something with your life! Don't sit around waiting and waiting for a sign to strike you from above. That barely happens in the movies, let's be real! God gives us a brain to be creative and be used in whatever you do. Yes, some people feel led to certain callings and we are called to do hard things. He is also full of grace, mercy, understanding, and knows you better than anyone in the world. Of course He knows your desires, do you think he doesn't know that? He created you ...! In other words, life is SHORT, fleeting, yet full of treasures and adventures. Live in the freedom He has given you by saving you, follow His commands, and lead a Godly life. You can make an impact anywhere, no matter how significant.

Anyways, the time is now for lifting souls. The time is now for letting go ... Let His light and love fill your life. Take a stand, do something, start by putting your hands in Greater Hands. Let heaven's grace set you free, and who knows where life will lead you?

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