Monday, April 29, 2013

God is Jealous and Ready to Dim the Lights -- FOR YOU

Hey loves,

It's me. I know, I'm alive still I just don't take the time to write as much as I should! Okay, blogging business: Today I heard a lot of suffering from friends and my friends' friends ... Then there was me complaining about classes. Oh, which, FOR THE RECORD is something I'm blessed with and take for granted and complain about way, way too often. The suffering that others are experiencing, such as this girl who found out she has cancer and her response is that "Cancer Doesn't Scare God" (that is faith for you!). You can read her blog here:

Not only that, but I have known a lot in my own life that are suffering. Life is tough and life is rough. A lot of times we are told, "Just think, people out there have it way worse than you!" which is more than likely to be true. But even then, what if you really did have the worst life on earth with everything evil thrown at you? What then? Job from the Bible simply trusted in Him. I think in America we get so caught up in the mundane things that we let life fly past us before we even have a chance to blink. Today, I told myself I would enjoy every moment and make the most of every opportunity. I failed. Haha. I guess I shouldn't laugh because it's not really that funny. I let stupid classes at Las Positas get in the way of a good day! Life is what you let Christ make it! We like to think of ourselves as first. We are number one. We are so high and mighty and have every right to be entitled to everything (cozy home, wealth, laughter, health, friends, etc. you name it) but this is exactly when the "reality check" should go off in your head. Everyone feels they are worthy and deserve "it" -- whatever it may be -- just because they worked hard, prayed hard, lived hard. That's HUMAN. But that isn't realistic, is it? Just because you did all the dishes doesn't mean you get a big thank you and chocolates and a standing ovation, does it? When life is going all wrong, we can't snap our fingers and make it perfect, can we? Oh, that's right, because we aren't GOD. Yeah, our mistake ... We are not number one. We are not high and mighty. We don't deserve it. You think jealousy is a bad trait? Well, Christ has every right to be jealous because He yearns for us to give up our identity and find it in Him. Stop whining and being jealous about something that's not even yours! God deserves all the glory yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

The reality is that struggles make us tougher and His love make us stronger. Let that light shine, ladies and gentlemen. This show isn't for you. Your life isn't for you; it's for God. Life has always been about Him. Let's get over ourselves and our problems that seem so terrible. If God brought you to it, He will bring you through it. By "through it," I'm not even saying you will like the answer. In fact, you could quite possibly hate it. One day, though, we will see His glory and all of it will fade away. The unpaid bills, the oil that needs to be changed in your car, the Starbucks drink that was messed up, being late for work, finding out terrible news ... LEAVE IT at the CROSS. Do it. I dare you to actually leave it behind and give it up to Him. Stop worrying and start thanking.

Anyways, just some thoughts. Sometimes, God dims the light in our lives to make Himself brighter. Not because He needs to, but because we have our sunglasses on all the time that prevent us from seeing the big picture. New post is coming soon hopefully, I have been wanting to write about it lately. Let me know your thoughts and thanks for reading. See ya next time (except not really ;)

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