Wednesday, January 26, 2011

God's Purpose (and the Homeless)

How many times have you heard the phrase, "follow your heart" or "follow your passions" (if not, imagine an Italian man saying those phrases ;) Most people believe that your life purpose goes in hand with something you're passionate about. Many times this proves to be a great idea; Christian or non-Christian. While God calls us to act through our passions, He also calls us to act outside our comforts. Take Noah and the flood, for example. I'm sure after God told Noah to build an ark wasn't like, "yesss! I'm stoked to build an enormous boat to put my family and a bunch of animals in!" ......... or maybe he did, I wasn't there :) Today, if we saw Noah building an ark, we might think he's a complete lunatic (Evan Almighty, anyone? haha). I'm sure people reacted the same way in Noah's time. But how many times has God called you to do something outside of your comfort zone? You're always glad you did it in the end. In fact, sometimes, a single act outside your comfort zone can lead to a lifelong passion. What's His call on your life? I've been called to do several things, yet I have taken hardly any action on behalf of the nudging. One of these days, I'm gonna get a kick in the butt for it, I just know it -- that is, if I don't take action. If only I had more faith and trust in Him!

My brother and I, after his jujitsu class tonight, went through the drive-thru at McDonald's. As I'm leaving, I reach a stoplight. I pause, and notice a man on his bike with a guitar in his hand -- clearly homeless. Two things God has set on my heart that I have yet put little effort into are the elderly and homeless. Tonight, my heart went out to this man with his guitar. I thought, "maybe he's an extremely talented guitarist. But how would I know? How would anyone know? Hardly anyone pays attention -- let alone respects -- the homeless."

So often, I pray for Him to reveal His will to me. In reality, He reveals His will all the time to me! But it's not what I want Him to reveal. To simplify, sometimes, I sit and stare at a phone that's not ringing. I'm just waiting for my chance to pounce on that phone call on the first ring. Meanwhile, I'm too busy staring and waiting for the call that I don't even acknowledge my vibrating butt from the cell phone God's calling in my pocket! I'm selfish; prideful. I want to know God's will on my question, not God's call on my life. If I ask for God's will, but get a response seemingly off subject, than most likely, it's not off subject! I have to learn how to focus on God's call, purpose, and will for me, even if it doesn't seem relevant or make sense.

God had a purpose for Noah. God has a purpose in my life. God has a purpose for you. God has a purpose for your children. God has a purpose for your children's children! He has a purpose for each and every one of us to fill. Let's find favor with God, like Noah, who "did all that God commanded him" (Gen. 6:22). Don't fall short of His call for you.

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